We use a mentorship teaching model where we offer a more holistic leadership approach as we become the main mentors and coaches for the success of our students.  Our mentorships provide the academic programs, advising and individual care to our students.

Within each mentorship is a senior mentor who oversees subject-specific mentors.  For the Mentorship of Specializations, there is a senior mentor for each area of specialization who oversees the subject-specific mentors.

Dr. Desiree DeFlorimonte
Mentoring and Student Care

Senior Mentors

Dr. Dale Dan
Business / Entrepreneurship Specialization

Dr. William Nicholas
Education Specialization

Ms. Cecily Bernard
Language and Culture Specialization

Dr. Jennifer Hoyte
Technology Specialization

Core Courses

General Education Courses

Ms. Carolann Somers
Workplace Certificates


Dr. Carmela Nanton

Dr. Mildred Boveda
Special Education 

Dr. Nina Nicholas
Psychology, Counseling 

Ms. Nandi Ramcharran

Ms. Florine Dalgetty
Primary School Education 

Dr. Elizabeth Rios

Ms. Joy O’Jon
Primary School Education 

Ms. Michelle Harper
English and ESOL 

Lt. Wilbert Lee

Dr. John Keane
Theology of Work

Dr. Steve Coe
Project Management 

Mr. Jansen Waddell

Ms. Keran Dames
Business, Leadership 

Dr. Jim Laub
Organizational Assessment 

Ms. Celicia Paruag

Dr. Joy Lee-Story
Leadership, HR, Business 

Dr. Grace Silvera

Ms. Toshia McDonald

Dr. Jim Kolachek
Behavioral Science, HR, Leadership 

Ms. Michelle Jeffers

Dr. Carmeta Miller
Hospitality and Tourism

Dr. Marva Williams

Ms. Jennifer Roman
Library Science

Mr. Mike Corrigan
Call Center Management 

Ms. Loriann Keane
Caribbean Accreditation and Assessment

Dr. Lowell Bakke
Theology of Work-Global

Dr. Grace Barnes
Servant Leadership  

Ms. June Ann Castello
Women Studies & Diversity

Dr. Madeleine Perl 
Human Resources

Ms. Yvonne Osman
School Administration

Ms. Rosalind Forde

Ms. Marline Young

Mr. George Jordan

Ms. Carol Nedd