Why a College of Transformational Leadership?

As we reflect on our life's journey, we can observe with much amazement the many changes ushered in by each new generation.  Clearly, we can notice an upward trend in the speed of getting things done through cutting-edge technology and high level innovation.

The downside has been the slow demise of yesteryear’s quality, substance, values and neighborliness.

Through the College of Transformational Leadership, we can find a way of enjoying speed mixed with quality enhanced by value.

We hope that we can transform the world into a better place as the human finds the true value of work as a life's calling through one's special gifting.


We offer programs at several levels to satisfy a variety of career and educational needs.

  • Workplace Certificates - for students who desire to complete specific topics for the purpose of professional development and advancement such as leadership and management, teamwork, communication, time management, etc. These are not accredited courses and cannot be used toward the pursuit of any KFU degrees.  Among these are the JAW Certificate and the JAW Facilitator Certificate courses.
    • Joy-At-Work (JAW) Certificate - for persons who want to make a difference in their workplaces. JAW is based on the pillars of love, support and respect. It is about creating the type of environment where team members feel they are leaving one family in the morning to go to another; it is about ending one day while looking forward to the next. This course enables employees to view work as joy derived from purpose – where it is no longer just a job.
    • JAW Facilitator Certificate - for those who desire to facilitate JAW courses.
  • For-credit Certificates - for students who desire to complete specific KFU course(s) for the purpose of professional development and advancement but desire to do these as credited courses but non-matriculated. These for-credit courses can be used later towards the pursuit of any KFU degrees.
  • Associates of Transformational Leadership (ATL)
  • Bachelor's of Transformational Leadership (BTL)
  • Master's of Transformational Leadership (MTL)
  • Doctor of Transformational Leadership (DTL)


The mentorship provides holistic services to the students in the form of academic content, advising and student care. Within each degree program, courses need to be completed from various mentorships: 

  • Mentorship of Core Courses - this houses the Orientation courses,  the Transformational Leadership core courses, and the Electives
  • Mentorship of General Education Courses - this houses the courses that provide a horizontal education for associates and bachelor degrees
  • Mentorship of Specializations - this houses the courses that make up the major for each degree.

There is also a mentorship that handles the workplace and for-credit certificates.