Welcome to our Joy-at-Work (JAW) environment.

Why JAW? It takes one glance at the world around us to understand that we can no longer do business as usual, do government as usual, do education as usual, nor church as usual.

Joy-At-Work (JAW)

Kaieteur Falls University stands on the pillars of JAW:

  • Love
  • Respect
  • Support

It is about utilizing these pillars to help team members:

  • Look forward to another day of work
  • Feel they are leaving a family each day to join another family
  • Experience a sense of ownership and belongingness through daily decision making with advisory input from others
  • Enjoy the reality that nothing happens sustainably outside of sincere relationships.

Work Defined

Work is defined as a calling of human beings to their two-fold purpose:

  • Providing God the opportunity of having a relationship with man.
  • Joining God as co-Creator of the work He started through the initial creation of the universe by the full utilization of  our special talents and gifts:
    • A creation that is now being continued by man whom He made in His image with His DNA:
    • Hence the knowledge to create light, phone, airplanes, technology and so forth
    • Look around your work area … you are Creators!
    • So we never retire – we simply shift from one type of work to another since our work is our life. 

Joy Defined

Joy is experienced through work because:

  • Our work is no longer just … work
  • It is our honor and privilege to continue what God has started.
  • It utilizes all the special talents that we have.
  • It allows us to transform lives through our work.
  • It is why we are alive.
  • It is doing what we are called to do.
  • It is the reason we breathe each day.
  • It is our opportunity to find peace and happiness through the fulfillment we receive from each day of work.