Kaieteur Falls University (KFU) is focused on Transformational Leadership.

This journey is for those leaders who desire a life with purpose through work that becomes a daily joy. It is for those leaders who are tired with business as usual, government as usual, education as usual and church as usual - leaders who desire to see the type of change that transforms lives and communities. We also recognize that each person has a desire to pursue a specific area of study based on your unique calling and gifting.

As such, all of our degrees are under the main umbrella of Transformational Leadership equipping you to become a leader of change. We have added a variety of concentrations based on your area(s) of focus.

Our desire is to see you enjoy an educational journey that is filled with academic quality, personal & professional direction, relationship, practical application and … fun!

We also offer workplace certificates for those who desire to complete specific topics for the purpose of professional development and advancement such as leadership and management, teamwork, communication, time management, etc. These are not accredited courses and cannot be used toward the pursuit of any KFU degrees. 

Come join us if this is what you desire at this time.